July 2016

10 Dieting Tips to Fine-Tune Your Physique

Sticking to a weight loss plan can be difficult, but we promise that it’ll all be worth it in the end! In the meantime, here are a few dieting tricks you can employ to help keep yourself on track along… Continue Reading →

The Makeup of a Mommy Makeover

There’s nothing more beautiful and exciting than the birth of a child, and there’s no one more selfless and caring than a mother. Here at Wall Street Cosmetic surgery, we appreciate all that mommy’s do and all that they sacrifice… Continue Reading →

The Pros & Cons of SmartLipo

Let’s face it, sometimes no matter how hard you work out, or how strictly you diet, there will still be stubborn fatty tissue that just won’t quit. Luckily, SmartLipo can help! The procedure’s innovative technology attacks fat cells at the… Continue Reading →