December 2017

The One Thing Holding You Back from Lasting Weight Loss

New Year’s Eve is the night of promises. We promise ourselves that we’ll travel more, slow down our routine, find a new career, or lose weight. It’s a good thing—people rely on their goals to direct their steps and make… Continue Reading →

3 Holiday Foods to Keep Off Your Plate

So. You want to take it easy on the feasting this holiday season. We get it—your calendar probably has between 3-5 holiday dinners lined up. Limiting what you put in your body will spare you several pounds’ worth of weight… Continue Reading →

Santa Is Probably Using SmartLipo to Stay in Shape

As we approach Christmas, the researchers at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery are trying to discover the greatest of Santa’s secrets! No, not how he visits billions of children in a 32-hour period (assuming he’s moving from East-to-West). No, not how… Continue Reading →