February 2018

Dealing with Body Dysmorphia After Gynecomastia Surgery

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) after gynecomastia is very common. BDD is a condition in which someone fixates on a real or imagined bodily flaw. Dealing with BDD is tricky because it can persist even after corrective surgery. In fact, it… Continue Reading →

How to Know If Your Dieting Friend Has an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are health disorders where a person has irregular eating habits; who is also concerned or worried about his or her body weight or shape. Eating disorders can happen to anyone, especially those who are fixated on a certain… Continue Reading →

How to Emotionally Support Someone with Gynecomastia

Our culture has deeply ingrained beliefs that breasts are always female. That’s why a cis man with breasts is so alien to our imagination and does not fit in our belief system. As a result, men who have gynecomastia often… Continue Reading →