April 2018

Differences Between Liposuction & SmartLipo

Are you interested in undergoing a liposuction procedure, but haven’t done your research? If you haven’t seen it already, one of the first topics you will come across in your study is the different types of procedures available to you…. Continue Reading →

Receiving Gynecomastia Surgery to Lose Breast Weight

Running, swimming, biking, and other cardio activities are most men’s go to weight loss routine. However, when sticking to cardiovascular and aerobic exercise, losing weight in some regions of the body can be difficult. One of the complex weight loss… Continue Reading →

Men Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery Now More than Ever

In the past, cosmetic surgery was typically associated with women. There was a stigma concerning surgery that made men uncomfortable when considering solutions to their insecurities. In recent years, men have taken interest in the benefits of cosmetic surgical procedures…. Continue Reading →