November 2018

Cosmetic Surgery as a Gift — is it Appropriate?

With cosmetic surgery and anti-aging procedures becoming more and more popular, the idea of giving them as a gift isn’t as strange as you may think. In fact, the demand for plastic surgery jumps more than 25% from Thanksgiving to… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Laugh Lines Dull Your Smile

Laugh lines, a.k.a. smile lines, are those little wrinkles you get around the sides of your mouth. They typically begin to appear on men and women around age 40 and will only get worse with age.   What Causes Laugh… Continue Reading →

Tips for Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays

Perhaps the only thing harder than finding a parking space at the mall around the holidays is sticking to a diet. With buffets and dessert tables at every turn, November and December are the two months most people tend to… Continue Reading →