December 2018

Smartlipo vs. Liposuction: Is There a Difference?

With almost a quarter of a million procedures performed in 2017, liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in America. With its ability to deliver jaw-dropping results with very little downtime, the desire for liposuction won’t go away… Continue Reading →

Different Types of Breast Implants Explained

In terms of the implant itself and the actual procedure, breast augmentation has come a long way since 1962. But with so many options on the table (quite literally) it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Though you should always… Continue Reading →

Fat Transfer FAQ

Does it ever feel like your body just doesn’t look the way it used to? Over the years, our body begins to change — even if you eat well and exercise regularly. If your breasts aren’t as full as they… Continue Reading →