You want to take it easy on the feasting this holiday season. We get it—your calendar probably has between 3-5 holiday dinners lined up. Limiting what you put in your body will spare you several pounds’ worth of weight gain, and it will give you some discipline to take with you into the New Year.

But you don’t want to deny yourself all the good food. What could you do to a.) minimize your weight gain while b.) allowing yourself to enjoy the holiday?

Here are the 3 things we think you absolutely need to leave off your menu this season:

#1: Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

What makes this drink particularly dangerous is how easy it is to down without a second thought. In Grande size, this cup of coffee packs a caloric punch: 540 calories! The cream, chocolate, and syrups add up to 75 grams of sugar. That’s three times the daily recommended amount.

#2: Cheesecake

One slice of cheesecake from a popular cheesecake-making establishment clocks in at 700+ calories per slice—and that’s with no topping or flavoring. Considering the sheer amount of sweets available to us during the holidays, choosing to abstain solely from cheesecake could save you a pound of weight gain by itself.

#3: Eggnog

Listen, if eggnog is absolutely your favorite Christmas treat, you don’t necessarily have to take our word on this one. For the rest of you who drink eggnog solely because it’s there and “it’s Christmas,” know that one cup has nearly 350 calories and a day’s worth of sugar. It also has 150 milligrams of cholesterol—it might be better to celebrate with a glass of hot cider.

When it comes to controlling your diet, one of the best things you can do is slow down. Savor what you’re having—enjoy its taste, its texture, its aroma. By slowing down, you get to enjoy the food more—without enjoying more of the food.