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3 Tips to Help You Look Better in a Suit


May 30, 2017

Have you recently undergone cosmetic surgery or had great dieting results and wanted to show off your look? Common knowledge would tell you to go to the beach and take your shirt off, but we think classy is the way to go. Go out, buy a new suit that compliments your new toned look and remember these important tips»

One Suit? Go With Charcoal
If suits are not part of your everyday work attire, you might only see a need to have one for special occasions. If you have a go-to suit that is black, it might not be appropriate for a wedding or event. If your go-to suit is gray, it might not work at a funeral or wake. This is why getting a charcoal suit is always going to be your most versatile option. You can dress it up differently for different occasions and it will never seem out of place. Sometimes you don’t have to be the best dressed, you just have to fit in!

Length is Key
Slim suits and a tighter look are definitely in right now, but that doesn’t mean you should look like you’ve been shopping at Baby Gap. On the flip side, wearing a suit that is too large is basically telling the world that you have no idea what to do when it comes to fashion. The perfect length for a suit is the knuckle of your thumb– not longer, not shorter. As for your tie, it should come down to your belt buckle and that’s it!

Dress it Up Properly
Whether you need a suit for work or a special occasion, there are always going to be ways to enhance the overall look. You could have a tie with a matching pocket square, or a watch or maybe even a tie bar. But you want to make sure you are not going overboard with it and using accessories just for the sake of using them. Watch straps should always match belts, belts should always match shoes, and ties should never be a lighter color than your suits. Dress responsibly!

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we want to make sure our clients are the best looking people on the streets of NYC each and everyday. Your body is a great start, but your fashion sense is going to bring the whole look together.

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