Testimonials & Reviews

“Finally, I love me!”

Dear Dr. Asare:

You are so special! Not once did I feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or insecure about your education, knowledge, or skills. You are such an incredible artist and a beautiful person. Thank you for making me a new person. Finally, I love me! You will always have a special place in my heart for improving my self esteem. Thank you all for making me feel so special!”

Eva M. | Brooklyn, New York
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“I just can’t believe how well the abdomen appears.”

I am very pleased with the result of my Smartlipo procedure performed last month at your office. I just can’t believe how well the abdomen appears. The staff is great and very helpful especially Juliana and the O.R. girls. They are genuinely concerned about their patients. Dr. Asare is a very skilled cosmetic surgeon and very attentive to the slightest details. He goes over everything with you and answers all your questions and concerns. I had very little down time (2 days) and then was back at work. This is the only way to go for that last little bit of body reshaping that we all have such a hard time achieving.

Mary | Dix Hills, Long Island
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“I wanted a “jump start” to get back to exercising”

While searching the internet for liposuction doctors, I came across Dr. Asare’s website. I made an appointment and was sold. I have never heard of Smartlipo. From the first step into the office, I knew I was in a very professional place with a staff that cared. I went home and told my fiance that I wanted to have the Smartlipo performed. I knew I could count on his support, but needed to hear the words.

All in all, I would do it over in a heartbeat. I would recommend it to anyone of good physical condition. I have recommended Dr. Asare and his staff to a few close friends and business acquaintances. The before and after pictures (the hardest part of the entire process) show the fantastic results. I only lost about two pounds, but the procedure reduced my body shape by three sizes. My waist is now “a waist”, and I wear sleeveless shirts with old jeans I found in the back of my closet. My husband said the best part was the change in my attitude, my added confidence and the increase in my activity level. I have gone back to the gym and we ride bikes as often as we can. I wanted a “jump start” to get back to exercising, and Dr. Asare and his staff delivered.

Arlene V. | Queens, New York
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“You have made me the happiest person alive.”

Dear Dr. Asare,

You have made me the happiest person alive. I was so depressed at how I looked, my clothes never fitting right, the self-conscious. Nobody is asking “are you pregnant” anymore. I’ve been having a great time shopping for new clothes. Thank you Dr Asare – you are the doctor of all doctors!!

Most of all, I would like you to know how fortunate you are for the greatest staff anywhere. I have never experienced such professionalism, caring and concern, good natured all around great people such as your staff. You are a lucky man, very blessed to have such loyal dedicated employees like you do.

Jane C. | New Rochelle
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