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Breast Augmentation & Lift

For many women, a breast augmentation alone does not achieve the “perkiness” or desired breast position that they are looking to achieve. With a breast augmentation alone, the firmness and size of the breasts can be changed for the better. However, for some women, changing size and firmness is not enough; especially those who have lost a great deal of weight, who have been pregnant, or who breastfed for any length of time. These types of body changes can wreak havoc on breasts when rapid size fluctuations occur. A breast lift can also be in order for patients who have implants already and are experiencing a sagging in the breasts due to the aging process.

Please see our breast augmentation page for specific information about the types of implants we can use as well as incision placement and procedure details for each.

Why Choose a Breast Augmentation + Breast Lift?

When these two procedures are combined, patients can achieve both the size and proper breast position they are looking for. Post-pregnancy or post-breastfeeding breasts can often times lose a majority of the volume they once had due to the loss of fatty tissue as the body returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Hormonal adjustments are a major factor in why this happens. However, it is also caused by the physical changes that take place during these phases of life. Women who once enjoyed full breasts that were “perky” may now be left with floppy breasts that feel lax and only partially filled. A breast augmentation with a breast lift can resolve all of the concerns for these patients. The breast implant can restore the breast to its former size, filling the now-inadequate breast with volume. A breast lift restores the breast’s position by taking a sagging breast that is too low and lifting it to a normal position.

How Are These Procedures Done?

These two procedures are performed at the same time so that only one surgery is needed. The patient is anesthetized using general anesthesia. The breast lift incision is then made. There are several different incision options available to the doctor. The first resembles an upside-down “T” with the top of the T in the crease below the breast and the length of the T running up the center of the breast leading up to the center point of the nipple. Option number two is a keyhole incision where the top of the incision curves around the nipple and the bottom resembles an open keyhole to allow the surgeon to expertly reposition the nipple and lift the breast with one continuous incision line. The third incision option goes completely around the nipple and then an upside down “T” incision is made down the center of the breast and under the fold.

An implant is placed inside of the breast cavity underneath the chest muscle (pectoralis). Depending upon the doctor’s preference, the implant may be inserted either through the incision in the crease of the breast or directly through the nipple incision. Once the implant has been filled to the patient’s desired fullness, the cosmetic surgeon draws together the two adjoining ends of the vertical incision that runs from the crease up the center of the breast. In doing this, the breast is repositioned on a vertical plane to reveal a more normal placement on the bust line. The same is done to the other breast and the excess skin is cut away and discarded before the incision ends are joined..

Generally, the surgeon will temporarily close the incisions with some light sutures or surgical tape and elevate the patient’s upper body so they are in a leaning back position. This allows the surgeon to step back and observe the symmetry of the breasts’ size and position. If adjustments need to be made, they are performed at this point. Once the doctor is satisfied with both size and symmetry, a circular incision is cut into the skin where the nipples will now be positioned. They are gently pulled through the opening and the patient is then closed up using dissolvable stitches in the lower tissue layers and either liquid stitches or staples on the outer skin. A compression garment (such as flexible bandaging or a surgical bra) is then applied to minimize swelling and encourage healing. It must be worn for several weeks following the procedure. Drains may be placed into the area, but this depends upon the surgeon’s preference. Your surgeon will explain exactly how they perform these procedures when you have your initial consultation with us.

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