Managing Our Emotional Eating Triggers

Like we’ve mentioned multiple times in the last few blogs, when and how much we eat is often decided unconsciously by our brain. Before we ever decide between the burger and the kale salad, our brains are already in the… Continue Reading →

Social Eating (& Practical Steps to Avoid Peer Pressure)

Human beings are social animals. From the moment that an ancient hunter realized that hunting a mammoth was easier with friends, we’ve been going out and eating in groups. Eating in groups has amazing social benefits, and the phrase “breaking… Continue Reading →

Creating a Weight Loss Roadmap vs. Aiming for Results

Here’s a secret from the world’s most successful athletes, business people, and thinkers: If you’re working toward a desired result, you should set a goal…then forget about it. We mean it. Stop worrying about the result. Instead, you need to… Continue Reading →

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