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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting Procedures in NYC and Long Island

Today’s beauty standards are higher than ever before. With celebrity bodies on display through television, magazines and on the Internet, many people decide that particular parts of our bodies could look better if they only looked differently. Some of these procedures include fat transfer (fat grafting) of the lips, cheeks, buttocks (Brazilian butt lift), breast augmentation (natural breast augmentation), and hand rejuvenation. Fat is the most plentiful source of natural cushion available for enhancing specific areas of the body and providing additional volume, more desirable curves, greater appeal, and increased youthfulness. Fat transfer consists of removing fat from an area where it is not wanted (perhaps with sculpting of the thighs, for example) and transferred to another part of the body where plumping is desired such as in the lips, buttocks or breasts. The unique techniques used by our surgeons includes the separation of fat containing stem cells and injecting that fat with the stem cells back into the area where new fat will grow to the desired amount.

Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Fat transfer breast reconstruction and augmentation (also referred to as lipomodeling) are procedures whereby excess fat is removed from one part of the body and transferred to the breasts. The result is naturally enlarged breasts without the use of implants or anything foreign to the body. At Wall street Cosmetic Surgery, either fat transfer reconstruction or augmentation give our patients a natural size and shape with the most natural-looking results available. Fat transfer reconstruction has long been used for mastectomy patients who wish to reconstruct their breasts. Additionally, both fat transfer procedures are scar free, with only a few tiny skin incisions made in the area where the fat is to be removed as well as in the area where the fat is being transferred to. Stitches aren’t even needed to close up the tiny incisions!

The procedure is done in two phases, usually under local anesthesia. First, the fat is removed and harvested from one or more areas of the body. The most common areas that the fat is usually removed from include the abdomen, waist, lateral thighs, and stubborn love handles. Harvesting the fat from another area of your body is an added benefit because you can sculpt your body in areas that beautify your overall body contour. Next, the fat is injected into the breasts and can be specifically sculpted to ensure a natural shape.

You are not alone…many women in the Manhattan and New York Metropolitan areas have chosen to have fat transfer reconstruction (fat grafting) because of a recent mastectomy, to disguise breast implants that do not look natural or to simply enlarge their breasts. Additionally, fat grafting does not interfere with a mammogram the way implants do because the fat is a completely natural substance that comes from your own body. In a study released in March 2011, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that over a period of 16 months after fat transfer to the breasts (lipomodeling), no abnormalities were found in over half of the mammograms performed. The only abnormalities in the mammograms were related to the scarring from prior mastectomy or augmentation surgery. This means that having a fat transfer will not give radiologists a false positive result during a mammogram when trying to detect abnormalities and inadvertently reporting them as suspicious. If you are interested in finding out whether a breast augmentation or reconstruction using a fat transfer is right for you, please click here to contact us and to see our three locations and phone numbers.

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The buttocks have become a woman’s best fashion accessory and asset in a pair of her favorite jeans! Our backsides are receiving more attention than ever before. The shape and size of a person’s derriere can greatly affect their self-esteem whether dressed, wearing a bathing suit, or in the intimacy of their bedroom. Unfortunately, a person’s buttocks can be negatively affected by age, gravity, genetics, and a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting for extended hours at a time. The bad news is that exercise alone may not lift the buttocks and reverse the sagging and flattening that has occurred. If you suffer from a flat or boxy-shaped butt, you may want to consider fat transfer injections also known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift”.

At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure performed by removing or harvesting fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the buttocks to produce a rounder, lifted, and more balanced rear end. What differentiates us from other cosmetic surgeons is that our surgeon initially performs a very good body sculpting procedure to enhance your natural curve before the fat transfer procedure is done. The procedure is minimally invasive which nearly eliminates the possibility of scarring. Some of the fat that has been transferred (or grafted) will be reabsorbed into the body but the fat that has not been reabsorbed after three months will ly remain. The result is more natural, with a lower risk of infection from large incisions that are used when butt implants are inserted, and a better overall appearance. This option is ideal for patients who have enough body fat for performing the fat transfer. Is a Brazilian Butt Lift something you are considering? Don’t hesitate to ask us some questions and find out everything about the fat transfer procedure for the buttocks. Click here to visit our online consultation request form and to see our phone numbers and locations.

We will also help you decide on the best course of treatment to provide you with a more youthful look and to help you feel as beautiful the outside as you are on the inside.

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from our Brazilian Butt Lift patients:

  1. Is the surgery performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia?

    Most of the time, the procedure is done using our unique method of local anesthesia. In some cases, the procedure is done under general anesthesia. In cases, where only SmartLipo is to be done to the buttocks, local anesthesia is used. We have AAAHC accredited surgical center in our Long Island office that helps us to provide patients with a way to have their outpatient procedure while being close enough to home afterward to begin resting right away.

  2. How long is the recovery time?

    Recovery after Brazilian Butt Lift and other fat transfer (fat grafting) procedures, can be reduced by as much as a week and for SmartLipo-only patients, down time is only one to two days. Patients will be instructed about physical activity and exercise restrictions during their pre-operative appointment.

  3. Will I have to wear a compression garment?

    Yes. A compression garment not only helps the healing process by reducing swelling in the area, but it helps minimize discomfort and holds the tissues in their new position. Patients are required to wear a compression garment for several weeks after their procedure. The length of time depends upon which combination of treatments was performed.

  4. Is Brazilian Butt Lift covered by insurance?

    No. Since there is no medical necessity relating to a health condition or disease, Brazilian Butt Lift procedures are considered to be cosmetic in nature and are not covered by insurance. If you need help financing the costs of your procedure, we can help you apply for financing as well as work with you to arrive at a reasonable price that works within your budget constraints.

  5. How much do these procedures cost?

    To see our procedure prices, please click here. We are glad to work with you on the final cost of the procedure to arrive at a price that you can manage.

  6. How do I know which procedure(s) will give me the results I am looking for?

    Since each patient is unique in their current situation as well as their aesthetic goals, the best way to determine which procedure will work for you is to come in for a free consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons.

  7. How long do the results last?

    Typically, over 80% of the fat that has been injected into the buttock area (or anywhere in the body) remains in the new area three months and beyond when the procedure was done. This is good news because many patients are satisfied with the 80% that remains and do not feel that a second treatment is necessary.

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