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Mommy Makeover

We take our hats off to all of the moms out there who give everything of themselves to their children and their family, often times at the expense of caring for themselves. That’s why we offer complete mommy makeovers to patients who have decided that it’s time to take back their body and be proud of how they look. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can wreak havoc on a woman’s body and leave them with stretched out skin or excess fat on the thighs, hips, abs, back and breasts, loose abdominal muscles, sagging breasts, and loss of breast cup size.

A mommy makeover is an excellent way to resolve the specific areas of concern to women who have had children. Cosmetic surgery offers an array of procedures that can restore a woman’s appearance to her pre-pregnancy state. Since each woman will have individual needs and concerns, a customized mommy makeover plan is tailored to each of our patients’ needs. We pride ourselves on taking all the time our patients need to not only discuss the areas that concern them but to answer every question and provide our patients with a solid idea of how a mommy makeover can transform their body.

The following groups of procedures are designed to help address all of the concerns that women can have post-pregnancy. Again, remember that we will personalize the specific group of treatments that you may need in order to meet your individual needs:

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with or without liposuction: A tummy tuck is designed to not only rid the abdominal area of excess skin and stretch marks, but will also tighten the abdominal muscles that may not have returned to their pre-pregnancy state. The results of a tummy tuck alone are phenomenal; tight skin and a flat tummy that once again looks like it did prior to having children. Liposuction can also be an important part of the tummy tuck procedure if a patient also has the added concern of excess fat in the tummy or waist area. When these two procedures are combined, women can gain back their hourglass figure and lose that once-sagging tummy and pouch of fat for good. They will love their new, slimmer shape and flat abs! Click here to visit our tummy tuck page to find out more about how this procedure is done.

Liposuction of the thighs, buttocks, waist, hips and or abdominals: Sometimes, the main concern patients have after giving birth is an accumulation of excess fat due to the weight gain during pregnancy or because of the hormonal changes. Many times, women who once had slim hips and a thin waist will find that, post-pregnancy, they have saddlebags or a less-shapely waist. No matter the concern, our liposuction experts can address the problem areas and give you a thinner, contoured figure that best resembles your figure prior to being pregnant. Liposuction to any area produces phenomenal results in reducing inches and giving you a more proportionate shape. The Smart Lipo laser liposuction also addresses the additional concern that some women may have of loose or sagging skin. Because of the laser’s high energy beam of light, it produces a gentle heat which causes the collagen in the skin to contract, thus producing tighter skin. It is a wonderful solution to fatty, flabby, or loose areas of the body. Click here to read more about our unique method of performing liposuction.

Breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift: For some women, their post-pregnancy body has left them with specific concerns with their breasts. Breasts can become excessively large for some women, while others experience a loss of breast volume or extreme sagging. Since each of our patients have unique concerns, the procedures that address these concerns are also unique.

For women who have lost breast volume and have sagging breasts, a breast augmentation and breast lift are in order. The loss of cup size can be devastating enough, but when combine with sagging, can cause even more distress. A breast augmentation involves the use of either saline or silicone breast implants to restore the breast to the desired cup size. A breast lift helps to restore the position of the breast to a more youthful placement on the chest.

Women who now have too much breast tissue with the added concern of sagging will benefit from a breast reduction and lift. A breast reduction evenly removes excess fat from the breasts (with or without liposuction) in order to restore a more normal sized breast and to relieve the physical toll on the back, neck and shoulders that women with oversized breasts suffer from. With large breast size usually comes sagging from the weight of the breast tissue. A breast lift can be wrapped into the breast reduction procedure to give patients a more youthful breast position on the chest.

Patients with either too little or too much breast tissue will respectively find that an augmentation or breast reduction by itself will give them the ideal bust they are looking for. Click here to visit our breast procedures page to find out more about all of the breast procedures that we perform.

No matter which combination of procedures you decide are best, the goal is to give you back the figure you once had and to restore your self-esteem and confidence. We hear from patients months and even years down the line who tell us about how significantly their mommy makeover has affected their life in a positive way. When it comes down to it, the one thing they all say is this: “Why did I wait so long to have this done?”.

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