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4 Things to Look for During Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation


February 6, 2020

The consultation before a cosmetic surgery procedure is an essential and important part of the overall process. As a patient, this is your chance to get to know your potential surgeon and ask any questions you may have. Most importantly, you should leave your consultation feeling comfortable, confident in their abilities, and excited for the future. 

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon 

If you’re going in for a consultation, make sure to talk to your Long Island cosmetic surgeon about: 

His/Her Credentials

Your potential surgeon should be open and honest about his/her qualifications, general experience, certifications, and any other relevant information. You should also feel encouraged to ask questions during the consultation. Questions we hear all the time include: 

  • “How many times have you performed this exact procedure?” 
  • “Where did you train?”
  • “How long have you worked here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery?” 
  • “Are you board certified?” 

Realistic Expectations 

Any type of surgery poses risks to your health, so it’s important that your doctor is honest with you about the risks associated with this surgery. He/she should also talk to you about what the recovery process is like and whether or not you should expect any scarring. 

Before & After Photos 

Before you undergo cosmetic surgery, it’s so important to ask for before and after photos of that surgeon’s work. Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we know how important real world results are, which is why we keep our gallery online, accessible to anyone.  

Their Staff and Assistants 

Your surgeon is just one piece of the puzzle — it’s important that their staff and assistants are also courteous, skilled, and willing to help you in any way possible. From the moment you walk in, pay attention to how the staff treats other people as well as yourself. You should also ask your surgeon about their qualifications and training. 

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