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A Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating


December 19, 2016

Did you know that a large percentage of the weight we gain in a year comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It makes sense when you think about it. Beach season is a long way away and there’s so much good food available that it can be hard to say no. Well, these healthy holiday tips will help you get started on the beach bod a little earlier this year.

Step 1: Cook Healthy
If you’re contributing a meal to the holiday feast, make it a healthy one! That way you know at least one of the dishes won’t go straight to your thighs. If you are in touch with the host and they want advice for the menu, give them some suggestions that work for the diet you are trying to maintain.

Step 2: Appetize Yourself
Don’t make the mistake of going into the day without eating breakfast or a pre-party meal. It can be difficult in all the Christmas morning mayhem, but this will speed up your metabolism and make it easier to say no to the extra piece of bread!

Step 3: Strategically Conversate
The last place you want to get caught in conversation is the kitchen. That’s where all the appetizers, finger foods and eventually the big meal will be prepared and there is sure to be plenty of picking. Try and stay away from this area by locking into a conversation in the living room or other food-free areas.

Step 4: Help With Cleaning
After the meal has concluded, don’t be afraid to lend a hand in the kitchen. The host will appreciate it and it will prevent you from going for seconds and even the dreaded thirds.  

Step 5: Walk It Out
If you live close enough to the house you’re dining at, don’t be afraid to hike it home. You can look at the beautiful decorations, burn calories and enjoy a nice romantic walk with your significant other.

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