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Avoid These Chest Training Mistakes


October 11, 2016

Fitness has become an industry of its own and the gym is at the center of it all. People are coming out with all kinds of workout routines and strategies that can get you ‘ripped’ in a certain period of time. The truth is, all it takes is some discipline, work ethic and a desire to improve yourself. If that toned out chest is something you desire, you’ll want to pay attention to these chest training ‘do-nots.’

  • Overtraining- More is not always better! Just because the chest is an area that people tend to highlight, doesn’t mean you should go all out for this specific muscle group. You should give it the same amount of recovery time that you would for your legs, arms and shoulders. It is even more important to rest your chest because it is involved in both arm and shoulder routines as well.
  • Shoulder Strains- For whatever reason, shoulder pain has become associated with chest training exercises. This could be a result of over lifting or improper technique. The most important thing to remember is that this is a CHEST press, so your shoulders should not be involved. Keep your shoulder blades pinched against the bench and let your chest do all the work. Lunging your shoulders out to help with a rep is only going to hurt you in the end.  
  • Overpressing- The bench press is the most common chest exercise, but it is often overused. For powerlifters, the press is a great way to build strength and increase muscle mass. For the casual lifter looking for some tone, the press is actually not even the best exercise you can do. Try incorporating more dumbbells and cables into your routine and see if you notice the difference.
  • Quick Reps- If you’re trying to build and tone muscle, it is important to complete the full rep. Going too fast with lighter weight will eliminate any benefits from that set and it will force you into bad habits. The whole point of warm-up reps is to go slow, get the whole range of motion and to train your body with the proper technique.
  • Neglecting Upper Chest- If you look at any great bodybuilder, there is a noticeable distinction between their upper and lower chest. If you had the opportunity to ask them, they would tell you it was all because of the work they put in on the incline press. This will round out your chest and give you that buff tone you desire.

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