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Can Exercise Alone Improve the Look of Sagging Arms?


September 17, 2018

It’s a question people have been asking for years — can exercise alone give you the body of your dreams? In all honesty, that answer depends. If you’re someone with a little extra arm fat, a combination of arm exercises will likely give you the results you’re looking for. However, if you recently underwent a massive weight loss, exercise alone may not be enough.

What Causes Sagging Arms?

Extreme Weight Loss

Like we mentioned before, extreme weight loss is one of the main reasons why patients come to Wall Street Cosmetics. After working hard for years, many patients find that while their fat melted away, their extra skin did not.

Once skin has been stretched beyond a certain paint, exercise alone can’t improve its elasticity or eliminate it.


Over time, skin naturally begins to fall. However, the rate at which it falls is different for everyone. If you think your arm skin is falling faster than friends and family your age, we suggest coming in for a consultation.


Are you constantly doing arm exercises, hoping to get rid of the little bit of excess fat on your arms? The problem may not lie in your exercise routine, but rather in your diet. While exercise is important for maintaining your health and weight, studies show that diet often plays a larger role.

Why Exercise Along Can’t Do it All

Unlike fat, which can be “exercised away,” skin can’t. Skin can’t just snap back with a little exercise because its elasticity depends on several factors, like how much weight you lost (if any), how much time you spent being overweight, the quality of your skin, genetics, sun exposure, and even whether or not you smoke.

If you have several inches of hanging skin on your arms, we suggest an arm lift — a procedure designed to improve the look and feel of your arm with minimal scarring.   

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