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Choosing Between SmartLipo for Abs & Thighs


May 9, 2018

Are you sold on a SmartLipo procedure, but are unsure about which area of your body you want to have it performed on? Depending on your situation, there are a variety of benefits to SmartLipo for either the thighs or the abdominal area.

SmartLipo on Thighs

There are some reasons why SmartLipo for the thighs is a good choice. Typically speaking, the thighs are seen more than the abdominal area, which means receiving SmartLipo on your thighs will make a greater impact concerning the number of scenarios will people will see the treated area. When wearing a dress, shorts, tight jeans, and other clothing on the legs, the thighs are often noticeable. When compared to the thighs, the abdominal region is typically seen less than. Therefore, getting SmartLipo for your thighs may have more “reach” when compared to abdominal SmartLipo.

SmartLipo on Abs

While receiving SmartLipo on your thighs may yield a higher number of impressions, many patients say that abdominal SmartLipo has more “pizazz” when compared to a procedure on the thighs. Many women are more self-conscious concerning the look of their stomach than compared to the look of their thighs. Therefore, a SmartLipo procedure in the abdominal area may lead to higher self-confidence when compared to a SmartLipo surgery on the legs. However, this decision is wholly based on the preference of the woman undergoing surgery!

All in all, SmartLipo is a fantastic choice no matter where the procedure is implemented. At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves in knowing that our SmartLipo patients are happier and more self-confident after their surgery regardless of where it was performed. In short, no matter where you want SmartLipo, we believe that it can make a significant impact on your confidence! Contact us for a no-obligation consultation concerning SmartLipo surgery.


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