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Clothing Material That Flatters a Man’s Chest


January 27, 2018

Even on the best of days, it can be hard to find flattering shirts and jackets that actually fit.

If we’re not built like movie stars, what to wear? How to find a versatile fabric that looks and feels good? And let’s face it, who wants to spend hours wandering a store, poking among racks in the hope that something jumps out at us? It can be downright daunting to find an attractive, age-appropriate outfit — but there are many options to get us looking and feeling our best.

Here are some ideas:


  • …try a stonewashed denim jacket over a plaid flannel shirt for a casual look. The weight of the denim will conceal any bulges, while a soft flannel feels great against the skin.
  • …find a classic cotton Oxford or a chambray button-up in a neutral color, like blue or gray. Oxfords and chambray are of a thicker, tighter weave than other shirting fabrics, which provide flattering coverage.
  • Select soft, natural fibers whenever possible: linen-cotton blends, hemp or bamboo. These fabrics feel amazingly soft against the skin and tend to provide more concealment than traditional cotton-polyester blends. They also wick away sweat and layer nicely under jackets and sweaters, so you can add warmth as needed without adding bulk.


  • …give in to paper-thin nylon and polyester athletic shirts when you’re headed to the gym; they show every lump, bump and chest hair imaginable. Instead, try an ultra-thin Merino wool shirt. They were originally popular with hikers, as they repel bad odors and are excellent at wicking moisture. They’re nicely opaque and usually in dark colors to hide sweat and avoid any unwanted see-through moments.
  • …buy anything stiff or rigid, such as thick, dark denim or “iron-free” shirts, which are chemically treated to avoid wrinkling. They look tight and will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.
  • …assume that thick knits, chunky textured fabrics or padded nylon will conceal your least favorite areas. They’ll do the opposite and add bulk and cling to all the wrong spots.

Whatever we choose, let’s remember to wear it with confidence! With so many fashionable options available, men of all sizes can find a look that suits us and makes us feel stylish, comfortable and self-assured.


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