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Common Concerns With Male Breast Reduction


November 30, 2017

Gynecomastia is one of those problems that men have trouble getting help for. There’s no shortage of professionals offering male breast reduction out there who can help—but gynecomastia has a way of making us hide from others (which keeps us from finding solutions).

In light of that problem, we wanted to answer some of the most common questions our patients ask us.

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Did I Get Gynecomastia from Gaining Weight?

True gynecomastia is the result of male chest glands—which are normally inactive—growing abnormally. Growth can occur for a number of reasons, including as a side effect of certain antipsychotics or from a hormone imbalance.

It is not the result of gaining weight. While excess weight and gynecomastia are often co-occurring conditions, there are plenty of men with average weight who suffer from male breast growth. There are also men with excess weight who do not have gynecomastia.

Can Gynecomastia Go Away On Its Own?

Most times, yes. Around 75 percent of gynecomastia cases self-correct after puberty. However, men who have developed gynecomastia later in life or whose breasts have not corrected themselves after puberty must seek medical intervention to correct it.

If a fully grown adult develops or retains male breast growth, then it is unlikely to ever go away without treatment.

What Happens During Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction has two parts: Fat Removal and Gland Removal. During the procedure, we use liposuction to remove fat from the chest. After liposuction, we make a small incision near the bottom edge of the nipple and use precision instruments to remove the abnormal breast gland.

Once healed, the scar (which was small to begin with) will be virtually invisible.

Does Gynecomastia Come Back After Surgery?

It doesn’t have to—and for the most part, whether or not it does is up to our patients. In order to keep nipples from inverting, male breast reduction still leaves a small piece of the gland behind. Post-surgery, patients will need to manage the factors that led to breast growth in the first place.

It’s rare for gynecomastia to return if a patient has corrected hormone imbalances or has altered their lifestyle to suit their new shape. That said, it is possible. At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we often advise patients about the changes they’ll want to make in order to make their results permanent.

Can Gynecomastia Be Cured with Exercise?

If the breast gland is growing or prone to growing, then no amount of exercise will cure it. We’ve seen far too many men obsessively diet and exercise expecting their breast tissue to shrink, only for much of it to remain the same.

Will long-term weight loss remove excess fat from the chest? Yes.

Is the cause of gynecomastia going to be fixed with long-term weight loss? No—gynecomastia does not go away with exercise.

Is Gynecomastia Dangerous?

The good news is that male breast growth is not life-threatening in the physical sense. The growths are what doctors call “benign”—they don’t lead to other health problems. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not harmful. Men with gynecomastia often feel the need to hide their bodies out of shame. Breast growth can become the focus of other emotional or psychological issues.

Prior to male breast reduction, gynecomastia patients often:

  • Suffer from psychological distress
  • Withdraw themselves from social life
  • Buy wardrobes that hide their bodies
  • Avoid physical intimacy

Psychological and social health is a vital part of each person’s well-being. Lacking the confidence to make friends, form romantic relationships, or make yourself heard would have a serious negative impact on your life.

One Final Note:

If you have the emotional security and resources to build your confidence without surgery, please do so. Surgery is not a cure for self-confidence—however, in our experience, men were better able to address their inner problems when their outer one was solved. When we perform male breast reduction on a patient, our goal is simple:

To help him to feel good about what’s in the mirror—to help him see his value more clearly.

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