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Fat Transfer FAQ


December 13, 2018

Does it ever feel like your body just doesn’t look the way it used to? Over the years, our body begins to change — even if you eat well and exercise regularly. If your breasts aren’t as full as they once were or your thighs are larger than they used to be, we have the solution for you — a fat transfer procedure. By removing fat from areas you don’t want it and moving it to areas you wish were fuller (like your breasts and buttock) we can give you the body shape of your dreams.

1. Will a fat transfer procedure help me lose weight?

A common misconception about fat transfers is that they double as weight loss procedures. Because a fat transfer will inject the fat that is taken out right back into your body, it won’t help you lose weight. The goal is to redistribute fat, not get rid of it.

2. Can I reject the transfer?

Because we’re simply moving fat from one part of your body to another, there’s almost no chance you’ll reject the transfer. Unlike with breast or buttock implants, we’re not introducing a foreign object into your body.

3. Where will you take the fat from?

Surgeons take from areas that have an excess of fat. Though you’ll need to be examined by a surgeon first, we typically retrieve fat from the abdomen and thighs.

4. Can I not qualify for the procedure?

You can be denied if you’re very thin and therefore don’t have enough fat to retrieve. You may also not qualify if you’re a smoker.  

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