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How Do Hormones Impact Weight Gain?


September 5, 2017

Hormones are the thing that makes our bodies tick and they are super important in so many ways. They are the reason you feel what you feel and think what you think, and unfortunately, they could be the reason why you look the way you do. The following hormones contribute to weight gain in multiple ways:


  • This female hormone makes women who they are, but it also contributes to the growth of fat cells.
  • High estrogen levels can cause your insulin levels to increase in the bloodstream which leads to bloating and weight gain.
  • Scientists believe that meat is one of the primary causes of unbalance estrogen levels in women.
  • Farm raised animals tend to have toxins, testosterone and growth hormone in them and when you consume them, you are consuming those chemicals as well.


  • Toxins, growth hormones, GMO’s and other chemicals can get into your bloodstream and cause chemical imbalance.
  • A lot of these toxins mimic estrogen in the male body and an increased estrogen count will counteract and lead to less testosterone production.
  • Less testosterone slows down your metabolism and leads to weight gain!


  • Cortisol is just a fancy word for the stress hormone.
  • When you become stressed, your body produces cortisol and this leads to a message from your brain to convert insulin into fat for long term storage.
  • You are essentially hoarding fat when you become stressed.


  • Leptin is the hormone that comes from your fat cells and it tells your brain to PUT DOWN THE FORK!
  • Recent studies have shown that consumption of the fructose in higher amounts will cause your body to produce too much Leptin.
  • When that happens, your body starts to become immune to the signal and you lose the ability to know when you are full.
  • That is not a good position to be in!

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