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How Do I Know If I Am A Candidate For SmartLipo?


March 30, 2018

SmartLipo is now a common and popular procedure in the world of cosmetic surgery. SmartLipo is a combination of liposuction and laser treatment. SmartLipo is used to melt away and eradicate fat, while at the same time coagulating blood vessels that are in the treated area. While the surgery can work wonders for patients, the question remains as to who is a good a candidate for SmartLipo.


As with any medical procedure, a good candidate for SmartLipo is a person who is in decent health. While SmartLipo is a noninvasive procedure, the patient should still be ready for a surgical undertaking. If you experience chronic health problems, especially if they affect your immune system, then SmartLipo may not be the best choice for your situation as swelling and bruising can lead to more serious complications for those with chronic issues.


Age plays an important role in being a good candidate for SmartLipo. The older you are, the more elastic your skin will be. In regards to SmartLipo, the elasticity of the skin makes the healing process harder on the body, which means those who are older will probably have a more difficult recovery. This recovery process may be too much for an older person to handle, but talking to a medical professional before coming to a decision is always advisable. In general, SmartLipo is aimed at younger generations, but candidates should be at least 18-years-old.


Then there is the goal of your weight loss story. If you are looking to lose a large amount of weight through a surgical procedure, then a different weight-loss surgery may be a better fit for your needs. SmartLipo is used to take away anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds off of a person, so if you are looking to medically remove more weight, you should probably pass on SmartLipo.


SmartLipo is certainly an excellent procedure if you are looking to lose weight and fat around your hips, thighs, and buttocks. The most critical thing to do before preparing for a procedure is to ensure that you are healthy candidate. In this regard, a SmartLipo physician can help you determine if SmartLipo is the best thing for you and your needs. Contact us to get the answers you need now!


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