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Is Smartlipo a Permanent Solution?


July 7, 2017

As cosmetic surgery evolves, it becomes more targeted and less invasive so that the patient can enjoy their results instead of feeling immense pain. Smartlipo is a procedure that fits right into this evolution. It utilizes laser treatments to remove fat and restore your body to the shape that you were proud of! Smartlipo IS permanent and it is affordable with our $1,500 discount special»

How Long Will My Results Last?
The lasers that we use during Smartlipo will completely eliminate the fat cells that lived in the area before. If your expectations are realistic and you are within 30% of your ideal body weight, we are sure you’ll be pleased with the results! The recovery for Smartlipo procedures is fast and most patients are usually back to work within 2-3 days of their procedure. It really is the weight loss procedure of the future!

Tips to Keep the Weight Off
There is a reason you chose to go with Smartlipo in the first place. Weight loss is not easy, but weight maintenance is perfectly attainable if you follow these helpful tips:

  • Track your calorie inputs and outputs throughout the day.
  • Fitbit can make this easier for you!
  • Pre-cook meals and portion them out in a Tupperware. A portion should be no bigger than your fist.
  • Research HIIT Training. This is the best way to tone muscle and lose weight in the same workout.

What If I Start Growing Fat in Other Areas?
If you start to notice that you are regrowing fat in the area where Smartlipo was performed, that is something that your personal choices brought on. We can destroy fat cells and we promise, they won’t come back. But that doesn’t mean new cells can’t resurface. If you got a Smartlipo procedure done on your abdomen, we can blast away the fat on your thighs, arms or any other area that you might want. But again, it is your responsibility to keep the weight off after you are fully recovered.

Our laser lipo New York surgeons offer the latest technology available in NY for laser liposuction. Unlike tumescent liposuction where the fat is removed in solid particles, the SmartLipo laser uses an intense beam of energy (the laser) to gently heat the fat cells, completely destroying them on contact and liquefying them so they can be sucks out of the area with suction.

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