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Is SmartLipo Right for Me?


March 16, 2017

Weight loss and body image are constantly on the mind of men and women across the globe. A few pounds here, or a few pounds there, and you might just be satisfied with the body you see in the mirror. If any of the following questions have popped into your head, Smartlipo might be the right choice for you!

  • Do you exercise regularly and have control over your diet, but can’t seem to lose that unwanted body fat? If so, SmartLipo might be a choice for you! Your love handles, muffin tops and bat wings will be no match for the artistic touch of our surgeons.
  • Have you maybe tried a Liposuction procedure in the past and been left with loose or blotchy skin? Smartlipo gently heats the skin and targets the collagen that helps to contract and tighten the area around that fat that is being removed.
  • Are you weary of traditional anesthesia methods? Not to worry, here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we use a local anesthetic so that the threats of general anesthesia are eliminated. This method will also limit blood loss during the procedure so that you can see less scarring and bruising after the procedure.
  • Is your budget a concern? That’s not a problem either! Because we use local anesthesia, the fees associated with this process are almost cut in half. And for a limited time only, we are offering $1,500 OFF our SmartLipo procedures
  • You also need to be realistic with your SmartLipo expectations. This process is NOT going to make you into a supermodel, but it is designed to help you with that final push. It can give you the results that diet and exercise just haven’t gotten for you.

If you are interested in setting up a Smartlipo consultation, call 212-344-0496. Mention the $1,500 Special and we will get you in for an appointment ASAP!


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