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Learn More About Face Lift Surgery


February 16, 2017

Facelifts are one of the most popular procedures in the United States and it becomes more and more popular every year. Like most procedures, the facelift is becoming a less invasive procedure, which requires more skill from the surgeon and less recovery time for the patient. Here is just a little more about the facelift procedures we offer:

What is a Facelift?
A facelift is a reverse-aging procedure that lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more youthful look in the facial region. In essence, a facelift helps to tighten and ‘lift’ the face to hide wrinkles and other undesirable traits.

Reasons to Get a Facelift
Unfortunately father time does not cooperate when you ask to stay younger. As time wears on, creams and lotions start to lose their effectiveness in keeping your face fresh and young. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, a facelift might be right for you:

  • Self-conscious and avoiding social situations.
  • You alter wardrobe to hide certain facial or neck wrinkles.
  • You feel younger than you look!

Choosing a Surgeon
Dr. Alan Bienstock is Wall Street Cosmetic Surgeries facial rejuvenation expert and he would love to work with you today. He is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and he has done thousands of facial procedures during his time. We specialize in Gynecomastia and Smartlipo procedures, but our facial team is growing as the demand continues to rise.

Facelift Recovery
While a facelift requires a heavy amount of skill from the surgeon, the recovery process is actually not very complex. Patients usually return to normal activity after about 2-3 weeks depending on their profession. With new technology and the less invasive nature of it, recovery times are becoming shorter each and everyday.

At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we provide a number of different cosmetic surgery options for you. Our face lift, arm lift and tummy tuck surgeries are extremely popular and we can offer you $250 off your procedure today!

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