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Meet Doctor Sophie Bartsich


February 13, 2017

Doctor Sophie Bartsich was born and raised in the city that she now works in. She is a New Yorker through and through and she loves working with patients from the area. But unlike some surgeons, Sophie’s talents go way beyond the world of cosmetic surgery.

She was educated in the French school system here in New York at the Lycee Francais de New York and from an early age she always appreciated international aesthetics. She completed her degree in biology like most doctors, but then she went on to receive another undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cornell University, one of the most highly regarded schools in the country.

While at Cornell, Dr. Bartsich discovered her love for design and and she went on to get another graduate degree at the world renowned Parsons School of Design while she was working for Calvin Klein. Her design background spans all the way from architecture to fashion, but her true love is balance and natural aesthetics.

After her stint in the design world, Dr. Bartsich began to earn her title at Columbia University and she got her medical degree from Weill Cornell Medical College right here in New York. Shortly after graduation, she recognized her passion for plastic surgery and with her track record, she was quickly accepted into the Plastic Surgery program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. While there, she learned from some of the best minds in our field and she steadily rose through the ranks.

In 2010, Dr. Bartsich was awarded a research grant to pursue studies in implant- based breast surgery. Her research won several awards at the National Aesthetic Meeting the following year and she is very proud of this work. She has been published in several academic journals and is considered to be one of the elite breast surgeons in New York City.

If you are considering breast reduction or augmentation, Dr. Sophie Bartsich is the best in the business. She can work with you from consultation to completion and her results speak for themselves.

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