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Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips


February 9, 2022

3 Tips For a Seamless Plastic Surgery Recovery

You are eagerly counting down the days to your cosmetic procedure; however, we know it can be hard to shake the fear of the potentially slow and tedious healing process. Every body reacts differently to surgery and recovery times vary depending on the procedure; however, you can significantly improve the recovery process by following your doctor’s discharge instructions.    

Our team of experts is here to help lead you towards the right recovery path; read on for some tips to help you recuperate in no time!

1. Move Around

The first couple of days following your surgery are crucial and can set the tone for the rest of your recovery process. Your doctor will likely recommend that you rest and take it easy; however, try to avoid staying in bed all day long (unless specifically told to do so). Moving around is not only an excellent way to help your body heal, but it may also contribute to lessening pain levels!  

2. Skip The Gym 

Even though staying active is often recommended to speed up healing and recovery, don’t push yourself too hard. Strenuous exercise can be a major setback in your recovery process. Heavy workouts and cardiovascular activity can lead to bleeding, bruising, and inflammation, putting yourself at risk of serious complications. 

No matter how prepared you feel to resume an active life, talk to your surgeon before going back to your habitual activity levels.  

3. Be Patient

Depending on the procedure you choose, recovery times can range from a few days to weeks and, sometimes, even months. Remember that, often, results are not immediate and that you might feel worse before you start feeling like yourself again. Have patience and rely on your loved ones to assist you through the recovery process; you will be back on your feet before you know it. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

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