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Questions to Ask at Your Consultation


September 13, 2016

With any surgical procedure, it is important to be confident about the decisions you make. That confidence comes from meetings with your doctor and over time, that trust will start to solidify. If you’re considering Gynecomastia surgery, the experts at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery can help consult you on your options. We are willing to answer and and all of your questions and lead you down the best path for you!

Here are some questions you might want to ask the doctor during your visit:

What exactly is Gynecomastia?
It’s a big word but it is just a fancy doctor way of saying, ‘enlarged male breasts.’ It might sound silly, but it is a problem that affects over 50% of men ages 12 and older. Dealing with Gynecomastia can be tough for men because they feel different and alone.

What causes Gynecomastia?
There is a difference between this condition and the accumulation of fat in the breast region. The latter can be cured with diet and exercise changes, but Gynecomastia could require plastic surgery. Some of the main causes are:

  • The accumulation of estrogen ‘mimickers.’
  • Excess fat tissue has forced your estrogen levels to rise.
  • Low testosterone due to old age.
  • Side effects from prescription medications.
  • Complications related to liver or kidney problems.

Would surgery be right for me?
Plastic surgery requires that the patient is healthy both mentally and physically. We don’t want people to have unrealistic expectations about what the surgery can do for them. Our hope is that the procedure can push the patient  in the right direction towards a happy and healthy life. While Gynecomastia can affect men as young as twelve, we suggest waiting until the completion of puberty to consider surgery.  

What can you do for me?
At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, Gynecomastia is our specialty and that makes us the best in the business. Our doctors are trained in this particular type of surgery and they know exactly how to consult you through the process.

Well, that basically says it all. If price is your concern, from now until October 30th, Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery is offering $1,500 off your Gynecomastia surgery. When you feel the time is right, give us a call at 212-344-0496 and we will have you in for a consultation as soon as possible.


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