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Skin Care Tips After Cosmetic Surgery


April 5, 2017

Whether you had a major, minor or moderate cosmetic surgery procedure, your skin is going to need some extra care to recover. Your new look is exciting, but it can all go to waste if you ignore the skin that is covering that more appealing frame. These skin care tips are great to have with you throughout the recovery process»

  • You really want to take EXTRA precautions when it comes to your skin after cosmetic surgery. Especially a major weight loss surgery where your skin is now learning to contour to a much smaller frame. In the first few months after surgery, you’re going to want to use non-soap cleanser and fragrance-free ointments to deal with irritation. Chemical products can worsen the problem.
  • With the warmer weather soon to come, you’ll need to pay extra close attention to your UV protection. If you had a facial procedure, arm or thigh lift, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight for awhile. These areas are difficult to fully shield from the sun. If you absolutely MUST be out in the sun, try using SPF 30. It is protective enough, but not too protective to the point where it is going to clog your pores.
  • If your recovery requires the treatment of open wounds, remember not to pick at the scabs. Let your body naturally heal over time for the best results. Just like with any cut or scrape, antiseptic ointments can be applied to reduce swelling and irritation.
  • Your skin is an organ just like your lungs or brain and it needs water the same way any organ would. If your body is used to 4-5 glasses of water per day, you’ll want to ramp it up to 7-8 glasses to rejuvenate that skin. Water is life!

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