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Start Toning & Tightening Your Butt Today!


August 17, 2016

We’ve still got a whole month left before summer ends and the autumnal equinox hits, so why give up getting that booty bikini ready? Firming up your behind is easier than you’d imagine. All it takes is a healthy diet and a good exercise plan — just like the one below! So grab some handheld weights, and a comfortable space in your home to get to work.

The Plie Squat
A barbell works best, but free weights can work just as well. Hold your weights up above your shoulders, behind your neck if you’ve got a barbell. Position your feet shoulder width apart, pointing outward at a 45-degree angle. Slowly bend at the knee and lower your body down into a squat, engage your core and control it back up. Repeat!

The Walking Lunge
With your weights in the same position as the plie squat, lunge forward with your right leg. Make sure your bending both knees to form 90-degree angles. Slowly bring your left leg up and move forward into a standing position. Repeat with the opposite leg each time, continuing to walk in a forward motion.

The Jump Squat
The key to shedding extra pounds it to get your heart rate and metabolic rate pumping. Work a little bit of controlled cardio into your workout with some jump squats — no free-weights required. Simply squat down with your arms back and explode upward with your arms straight up. Land as soft as possible, and lower yourself right into another squat to begin the exercise all over again.

The Dumbbell Deadlift
Select a set of free weights and hold them out in front of your thighs. With legs apart and knees slightly bent, bend forward at the hip and lower your torso down towards the floor. Then, slowly come back up to a standing position, and repeat. If you want to make it more challenging, kick one leg out behind you as you hinge forward.

The Marching Bridge
End your workout with some floor-work — casual, but not easy! Start out lying with your back flat, your arms at your sides and your feet flat on the ground and shoulder width apart. Using your arms as leverage on the ground, gently raise up your hips, into what’s called a bridge. Once in position, raise your right knee up to you chest, with your body still raised off the ground. Hold for a moment, then switch knees. Repeat for as longs you can, holding your hips high.

Looking for more butt-toning exercises to add to your repertoire? See what Women’s Health and SHAPE Magazine suggest!

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