Brandon R.

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Dr Emmanuel Asare is a life saver. I suffered from gynecomastia since a very young age and finally at the age of 21 I built up the courage to take action. To start of with I ran to about 4 other surgeons around the city for consultations and all were both overly priced and all said I wouldn’t get the results I desire without having either sever scaring or removal of my entire nipple. I began losing hope but then me and my mother stumbled upon this office and it was like a blessing come true. Dr Asare lectured me on my case and he broke everything down to a T and was so respectful and responsive to all the questions I threw at him plus they given me a very reasonable price that one can’t refuse when it comes to this type of procedure. Dr Asare, the nurses and his office were very welcoming and straightforward throughout the entire process. I was well taken care before and after the gynecomastia surgery. What normally is a scary experience was greatly lessened knowing I was in great hands and his team did an amazing job. If you are considering gyno surgery, do not hesitate to have this procedure done with Dr. Asare. I am no longer embarrassed to go out anywhere and I don’t have to think twice about the shirt I am going to wear. I can finally feel comfortable with my shirt off and feel confident about my physique and it encourages me to go hard in the gym. Even though it has only been about 4 months, there is virtually no scarring visible at all. I sincerely hope anyone struggling with gyno reads this and takes action to have this procedure done….you will be a new person. This surgery relieved a stress that brought me down for many years. My only regret is that I did not take action sooner. Thank you Dr Asare and his team!