Ervin F.

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Went in the first time nervous out of my mind. I went to their Manhattan location office. Soon upon arriving,I felt this sense of calm and peace. Staff were very kind and professional. After a short wait I got to meet Dr. Asare and we had a conversation about my gynecomastia. He assured me he had the experience and knowledge to help me and we shook on it. I trusted him from that moment . After dealing with all the paperwork with Julianna ,who happens to be just a marvelous person, I signed off on my surgery date. I left feeling joy and a sense of freedom . The day of the surgery I did not feel nervous one bit, my Nurse ms. Alexis made me laugh and made me feel surely comfortable.My Surgery flew by so fast. I got my instructions on proper care of The operated areas and went home. Pain was minimal and not too hard to bare. You do get nauseous and weak the next day,which is what happened to me. But afterwards I ate some food and had a ginger ale and felt 1 million times better. I changed my bandage after 24 hours and could See THIS AMAZING RESULT. There’s still some swelling Around the area but man I could see my chest definition for the first time in 17 years. Dr. Asare and his team are beyond extraordinary and professional. They’re experts at what they do. I can’t wait to see the final result . I’ve looked into many board certified doctors but I’m glad I put my trust and even my life in the hands of dr. asare and his wonderful team . I suffered with gynecomastia for years, lost relationships due to lack of confidence, could never feel the water on my skin from the pool because I wouldn’t take my shirt off ever. It caused me a lot of pain and I can finally say, I’m a new man. Thank you Dr. Asare