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The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery


December 13, 2016

Like most things in life, the surgical world has given way to new technologies. Whether it is cosmetic surgery or a more serious heart procedure, doctors have started to favor less invasive methods because of their substantial benefits to the practice and the patient. We outline some of these benefits for you below:

These types of procedures tend to requires less time, less preparation and significantly less health care costs throughout the recovery process. In addition to these savings, we are currently offering $1,000 off our minimally-invasive SmartLipo procedure. It is quick, less painful and the results are outstanding!

Less Recovery Time
Compared to traditional Liposuction surgery, SmartLipo and other minimally-invasive procedures have a shorter recovery time. In the past, Liposuction surgery would take anywhere between two weeks to a month to recover from. With these methods, recovery could be as little as two days depending on the patient.

Less Scarring
Technological advances have allowed doctors to perform major surgeries through an incision the size of a penny. They can perform the same quality of work with far less scarring and damage. But this isn’t only in the cosmetic surgery space, doctors all across the board are beginning to favor less invasive methods of surgery.

With a procedure like SmartLipo, the surgeon simply needs to do significantly less work. The laser fiber only targets the fat cells and it leaves blood vessels alone throughout the entirety of the procedure. What this does is it allows for less distractions and it makes the procedure more targeted and effective.  

If you are considering any form of cosmetic surgery, it is important to meet with your surgeon and go over your options. They’ll probably suggest some minimally invasive methods and after reading this, we hope you’ll consider. The good news is, at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we offer FREE consultations so there are no obligations to get the information you need.

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