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The Best Procedures For Male Body Contouring


September 15, 2021

As we age, our bodies change; that’s no secret. For men, in particular, much of these changes occur in the abdomen and chest. Sometimes exercise and a healthy diet can do the trick to stay toned, but if you’re unhappy and looking for more exact results, cosmetic surgery is available for you. 

The surgeons at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery are the best for cosmetic surgery in New York and the surrounding states. Here, we specialize in various minimally invasive and scarring cosmetic procedures to help our patients gain confidence in their bodies.  

Here are our best cosmetic procedures for male body contouring:

SmartLipo For The Abdomen

SmartLipo is a type of laser liposuction whereby a laser fiber is used to help melt away fat, making it easier to suction the fat away and providing smoother-looking skin. The gentle heat of the laser helps tighten skin and can be used on any area of the body, such as the abdomen. 

With SmartLipo laser liposuction, results are achieved in one procedure. This eliminates repeat procedures (as can happen with traditional liposuction), resulting in a beautifully sculpted abdominal area the very first time. With SmartLipo, the surgery is minimally invasive, and there is a quicker healing time with less scarring. Learn more about how SmartLipo can help you!

Gynecomastia For The Chest

Gynecomastia is a common condition where the male breasts become enlarged due to extra fatty tissue or glandular tissue and can resemble female-like contours. Caused by an imbalance of hormones, men of all ages can be affected by gynecomastia. This condition can be devastating for its sufferers as they retreat from everyday activities, physical contact with others, and wear baggy clothes to hide themselves, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Under local anesthesia, our surgeons use our SmartLipo laser liposuction to remove fat from the area. Our minimally-invasive, laser-assisted methods give patients the best results, fastest healing times, and the fewest post-surgical complications of any other treatment method available today. Learn more about our gynecomastia procedure!

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