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The Dangers of Discount Cosmetic Surgery


June 7, 2019

In recent years, people have become so intent on finding the least expensive cosmetic surgery, that they’re putting their health, safety, and happiness at risk.

Plastic Surgery Tourism

Unfortunately, the practice of searching for the cheapest surgery has become so popular, it’s been named “plastic surgery tourism.” Because the least expensive surgeries are often performed in countries outside of the United States, many people travel abroad for the sole purpose of inexpensive surgery.

The Dangers of Discount Surgery


Most importantly, discounted surgeries are not safe. In addition to the lowest price, you’ll also be getting the lowest quality materials and poorest service. And because these surgeries are often performed outside of the United States, they do not have to abide by American safety standards.


Unfortunately, patients don’t realize that going with the cheapest option was a mistake until well after the surgery is completed. Because the materials and technology used in these operations is low quality, patients are rarely satisfied with their results.

Addition Costs Post-Surgery

More often than not, patients have to spend the money they saved (plus much more) on medication or other health-related costs, or for correctional surgery.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

It’s also important to note that just because someone is a licensed doctor or surgeon, that doesn’t mean they’re qualified to perform cosmetic surgery.
The best way to ensure your safety and satisfaction is by choosing cosmetic surgeons that are licensed, experienced, and qualified. For more information about cosmetic surgery, give Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery a call at (212) 344-0496 or visit us online!


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