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Three Exercises For People With Lower Back Pain


November 16, 2017

People with lower back pain know that every day activities can feel like the most rigorous tasks. Unfortunately, people who suffer from this pain will resort to not exercising because of the pain. This leads to a vicious cycle where the person gains weight due to lack of exercise and then the extra weight makes the pain worse. Here are some exercises you can do to lose weight and protect your back:


Swimming is a low impact exercise that can burn close to 600 calories per hour! It works your core, legs, shoulders, back, arms and chests and it can be therapeutic for some. People with back pain often feel that they can’t exercise because ‘everything hurts,’ but this should actually provide some relief.

Elliptical Trainer

Did you know that elliptical trainers were actually invented for people with back pain? It’s true, in the 1990’s the fitness industry saw a need for low impact exercise and this is where they turned. The elliptical can turn into a full body workout with the addition of arms and you could burn over 1,000 calories per hour! They also loosen your muscles and provide some calisthenic stretching of the lower back area.


Cycling is not going to burn as many calories as the other two exercises, but it is also the most accessible. A lot of people nowadays have their own bike or live somewhere that they can be rented within a few minutes. Average cycling burns about 350 calories per hour but it can be a great leisure activity as well. Similar to elliptical training, the motion of cycling actually helps to loosen the lower back and provide some relief.

If you find these exercises difficult to complete, cosmetic surgery might be a good option to take off the weight and give your back some relief. We are currently offering $1,500 OFF Liposuction and Smartlipo and we would love to have you in for consultation this holiday season.

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