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Tips For A Safe Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery


April 14, 2021

You’ve just had cosmetic surgery, and now it’s time for recovery! No matter the procedure you receive, to achieve the best results, it’s crucial you take some time to rest, rejuvenate, and fully recover. To make sure you’re doing so correctly, we have a few tips for you to guide you through your healing process.

Take a look at these tips for a safe and speedy recovery:

Don’t tough it out

Though pain, discomfort, swelling, and bruising are all a part of the healing process, you don’t want to suffer through intense pain that is unnecessary and can be relieved. If your doctor prescribes you any medications, such as pain killers, be sure to take them, so you are comfortable. And if you are having any issues that seem out of the ordinary, consult with your doctor right away.

Don’t be afraid to move around

Typically, you’ll want to rest as much as possible in the first 48 hours post-surgery, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move around a little. Getting up and walking around your house periodically will get your blood flowing and can even help your body heal quicker and reduce pain levels.

Avoid smoking

Smoking affects the body’s circulation and can significantly delay the healing process or even cause complications during the surgery. Because of this, it’s best to stop smoking at least eight weeks ahead of your cosmetic procedure and wait until you are considered fully recovered by your doctor before starting up again.

Utilize ice packs

Applying ice packs to the area that was operated on can help reduce swelling and minimize pain. Even if you have bandages on, you should still ice the site periodically.

Don’t rush the process

Be sure to always keep in mind that recovery is a process! It will take a bit of time, like with any surgery, to get you back to your regular daily schedule. With just about any cosmetic procedure, you can expect a good amount of bruising and swelling to appear in the location for a few days at least, but don’t worry; it always looks worse before it gets better. So, be sure to stay positive and remember not to rush your recovery.

And above all else… listen to your doctor!

When it comes to recovery, you should always listen to your doctor and do what they recommend. They know best, of course! 

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