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Warning: These Diets DON’T Work!


September 26, 2017

No matter what your friends tell you, some diets simply don’t work! They might give you the fast results you are looking for, but they’re not going to sustain weight loss in the long term. Avoid these three diets and stick to counting calories and exercising:

The 17 Day Diet

What It Includes
This is another diet that paints carbohydrates as the bad guy! The 17 Day cycles tell you how much carbs can you consume in a day and the diet stresses not eating fruits or carbs after 2PM. While the healthy substitutes will help with weight loss, there is no science behind no carbs after 2PM.

What Is Wrong With It?
Your body needs carbs to produce energy, and without energy your body can not exercise or digest food properly. An excess amount of carbs is not encouraged, but healthy grains and oats are awesome for someone who is dieting. They are low in fat and fill you up!

The Atkins Diet

What It Includes

  • Phase One of the diet encourages the dieter to limit carbohydrates and ramp up consumption of fish, eggs and meat.
  • Phase Two allows the dieter more freedom but it still limits them to a very low carbohydrate intake.
  • Phase Three is when the diet starts to find a healthier balance. Carb and protein levels begin to stabilize and the dieter should return to almost normal.
  • Phase Four is when your diet will return to how it was before with healthier substitutes and things of that nature.

What Is Wrong With It?
A lot of the initial weight loss we see with low carbohydrate diets is from water weight loss. This diet tries to promise results within 2-4 weeks, and any diet that has true success will take much longer. You just need to have patience.

The HCG Diet

What It Includes
This diet is perhaps the worst of them all. It recommends cutting calorie consumption to about 500-800 calories per day which is drastically low. HCG is a drug that is approved by the FDA for fertility problems and somewhere along the line someone discovered it can also aid in weight loss. But it is not proven in trials!

What Is Wrong With It?
Taking a drug for use outside of the prescription and consuming that type of calorie count is extremely dangerous! You might see fast results, but sustaining that kind of weight loss is almost impossible.

In some cases, cosmetic surgery is safer than crash dieting and taking supplements that could hurt your cardiovascular and nervous system. If you are interested in learning more about SmartLipo or Liposuction procedures in NYC or Long Island, the Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery team would love to help.
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