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Why More and More Dads are Getting Cosmetic Surgery


October 9, 2018

Move over “mommy makeover” — there’s a new procedure in town. While it may not have a catchy name (just yet), studies show that more dads than ever before are getting cosmetic surgery.

To Stay Competitive in the Workplace

With people retiring later in life, the pressure is on for men to remain a young, valuable worker. Fearing that they’ll be denied promotions or other advances because they’re too old to handle the work or travel, many men have turned to cosmetic surgery as a way of enhancing their looks and the way they’re treated at work.

To Meet Someone After a Divorce

Entering the dating world after being married and/ or having children can be intimidating. Many dads are looking to put their best foot (or should we say, body) forward when they rejoin the dating world.

To Combat the Effects of Stress

Studies show that most Americans are more stressed now than ever before. With people working more hours a day and retiring later in life, work-related stress has taken both a mental and physical toll on many men.

To Feel Their Best

For many dads, the reason is simply that they want to feel confident in their own skin! Cosmetic surgery changes a lot more than just a person’s appearance — it changes how they feel about themselves.

No matter the reason, everyone has the right to feel confident and happy. For more information on all things cosmetic surgery, give Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery a call at (212) 344-0496 or visit us online!


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