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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


May 12, 2017

Losing weight is always on people’s minds and the unfortunate reality is, some people just have a harder time than others. Men can lose weight faster than women, but they can also add weight at different speeds. Metabolism is tricky, but we all know it is better to have a fast one than a slow one. Here are some ways to give it a boost»

Building Muscle
Did you know that your body is actually always burning calories? When it is at rest, the body certainly burns calories at a slower rate, but it is never quiet. They key to increasing your metabolism is burning calories while you’re actually doing nothing. Muscles need about 6 calories per day to sustain themselves while fat needs only 2. More muscles equal more calories burned.

Drink Up
Studies show that adults who drink eight or more glasses of water per day will burn more calories than those who drink half that amount. Your body needs water to digest and break down calories, so dehydration will make this system less efficient.

The Right Energy Supplements
Some supplements in energy drinks will actually benefit your metabolism. Caffeine and Taurine will help boost your metabolism and aid in caloric breakdown. Unfortunately, these drinks also have a high amount of sugar and far too much caffeine, making them unsafe for a lot of people. Try having only a single cup before the gym and see if it helps your workout.

Protein is Power
When you put something in your mouth, that is only the beginning of the chewing process. As that food travels through your digestive system, it is being broken down more and more into a usable form. Proteins actually require more calories to be broken down than fats and carbs, which is why they are so healthy. They also help restore muscle growth and recover. That is why protein is power!

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