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9 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Fall


October 8, 2019

Now that fall is here, you should start making sure you’re prepared for the change in weather. Since this is around the time cold and flu season starts, try to plan ahead of time! Stay healthy and safe this season with these nine simple ways to ensure you have a healthy fall. 

1. Wash Your Hands Often 

Prevent any kind of outside germs from spreading by washing your hands often. This way you can avoid any kind of potential illness that’ll ruin the fall season for you! Wash your hands after using the restroom, before and after eating, and before you touch your face. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

It’s important to keep your body hydrated in order to keep it strong and avoid dehydration. Water also helps the skin stay nourished and healthy, which will come in handy now that the dry weather is approaching.

3. Get The Flu Shot

October is the best time to get a flu shot because it can take up to three weeks before you’re fully protected. By getting a flu shot in the fall, you’ll be well protected come peak flu season (December – February). 

4. Workout Regularly 

Exercising is a great way to keep your body in shape and strong during every season by promoting muscle growth and an overall healthy system. If you keep up with a regular workout routine, you’ll lower your chances of getting ill this fall. 

5. Go Outside More

Enjoy the nice weather while you still can! Allow your body to benefit from outdoor activities such as bike riding and hiking. The cool breeze and beauty of nature can also help relieve anxiety and improve your mental health. 

6. Eat A Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables in season this fall that can keep you healthy! Apples and pears are popular around this time, as well as sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. 

7. Prepare For Daylight Savings Time

On November 3rd of this year, Daylight Savings Time will end and give us an extra hour of sleep! But even with this extra hour, make sure you’re prepared, schedule-wise, for the change. Don’t forget to adjust your clocks and stay safe now that it gets dark outside sooner.

8. Drink Some Tea

There’s no better feeling than snuggling up with a blanket and some hot tea on a chilly day. Not only is tea delicious, but it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

9. Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to your overall health, sleep is all too often forgotten about. In addition to diet and exercise, it’s important that you regularly get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep — any less and you raise your risk for a number of diseases and illnesses. 

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