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The Advantages of Getting Cosmetic Surgery in the Fall


September 18, 2019

A question we’re asked all the time is, “When’s the best time to get cosmetic surgery?”

While there’s certainly not one one answer that works for everyone, we’ve found that fall and winter are two of the best times to get surgery. 

Summer is Actually the Worst Time for Invasive Surgery 

When most people consider getting cosmetic surgery, they think about early summer. And if you’re having a relatively minor or non-invasive procedure, like sculpting or smartlipo, this may be the case. However, summer is not the time to get invasive surgery.

It’s important to give your body time to heal before you show it off, meaning undergoing a major surgery three weeks before you go on vacation isn’t ideal. 

We also do our best to minimize your likelihood of scarring by using state-of-the-art technology and today’s best techniques. However, it’s important that you also do your part. After invasive surgery, we suggest that our patients stay out of direct sunlight for a few weeks, if not longer. 

The Benefits of Getting Surgery in the Fall 

  • Cooler weather means bulkier clothing. Sweaters, pants, and sweatshirts allow you to easily cover up any swelling or bruising you may experience during your recovery time. 
  • Minimal exposure to sunlight. As the sun begins to set earlier and earlier, you’re less likely to expose your incisions to sunlight. 
  • This is when life starts to wind down. With the hustle and bustle of summer now over, you can take time to relax and focus on your recovery. 
  • Holiday time off. Can’t take vacation days? Many businesses offer days, if not weeks, of paid leave around the holidays. 
  • Start the New Year off right. With January 1st only a few months away, this is your opportunity to start 2020 off feeling confident and strong. 

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