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Can I Breastfeed with Implants?


January 17, 2019

“I heard that if you get implants before having children, you won’t be able to breastfeed. Is that true?”

Time and time again this is a something we hear from women at their breast augmentation consultation. Each time, we’re delighted to say that it’s, in fact, not true!

Do Implants Make it Impossible to Breastfeed?

Absolutely not. Like all surgeries and procedures, breast augmentation surgery has come a long way over the past decades. Nowadays, surgeons use techniques that better preserve a greater amount of the milk-producing ducts that connect to the nipple.

Do Implants Make it Difficult to Breastfeed?

Many years ago, a few women with breast implants expressed that it was difficult for them to breastfeed. Instantly, people assumed that implants were what made it difficult to breastfeed. But the reality is, there are so many natural reasons why a woman can’t breastfeed that are unrelated to her implants.

That being said, it is possible for an improperly done breast augmentation to affect your ability to breastfeed. If your nerves, milk ducts, and/or milk glands are damaged during surgery, breastfeeding can be difficult. However, a skilled surgeon should be able to perform an augmentation without damaging these areas.

Can Implants Leak into My Milk?

Another misconception about implants is that they’ll leak into and contaminate a woman’s milk. Over the past decade, those in the cosmetic field have almost completely eliminated this problem by reworking how implants are positioned and what they’re made of. The most common implant options — saline and silicone — have no risk of leaking.

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