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Can Different Sized Implants Correct Asymmetrical Breasts?


January 15, 2019

It’s normal for a woman to have asymmetrical breasts. In fact, it’s very common, but that’s because the differences in shape and size are often so minimal they go unnoticed. However, there are times when women have breasts differing greatly in size. Naturally, this is often a source of concern for most women, as it can leave them feeling self-conscious.

If you have asymmetrical breasts and are considering making a change, you have several options and procedures to choose from, including:

How Can I Fix My Uneven Breasts?

Two Different Sized Implants

If you’re looking to increase the general size of your breasts and correct an asymmetry, two implants of varying sizes may be the right choice for you. During this procedure, we will place a small implant in your larger breast and a large implant in the smaller one. Once the procedure is done, both breasts will be larger than they previously were and a more similar size.

One Breast Implant

A common solution for breasts that are significantly different sizes is to place a single implant in the smaller breast so that it now matches the size and shape of the larger one.

A Single Breast Reduction

If you’re happy with the size of your smaller breast, we can reduce the size of the larger one until they both match. This is a great choice for women looking for a natural solution.

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