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Will Breast Implants Change the Appearance of My Nipples?


January 11, 2019

When discussing how breast implants will improve the look of a woman’s breasts, we tend to talk about size, shape, and feel. But one thing that’s not addressed as often is if and how implants can change the appearance of a person’s nipples.

Before getting cosmetic surgery of any kind, we encourage all of our patients to do extensive research into the procedure they’re considering and to ask us any questions they may have — nothing is off the table or embarrassing!

The Difference Between Nipples and Areolas

First things first, it’s important to understand that when people say “nipple” they’re actually referring to the areola. The nipple is the center projection that protrudes from your areola, while the areola is the darkly pigmented skin in the center of your breast.

1. Will implants change the size of my nipples?

For the most part, no. Though implants can make your nipples appear fuller, they will not make your nipple longer or larger.

2. Can the shape of my areola be changed?

If you tell your surgeon in advance that you’d like to change the general shape of your areola, this can be accomplished during a breast reduction or implant surgery. Because it’s easier to remove sections of an areola, it’s more common to have areolas made smaller, rather than larger.

3. Can inverted or retracted nipples be corrected?

Whether for cosmetic or functional (such as breastfeeding) reasons, retracted nipples can be relatively easily corrected. They can often be corrected during a standard breast augmentation procedure or done as a separate procedure.  

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