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Forget Diet Pills, Try Smartlipo


October 13, 2017

Diet pills might tell you about their big results, but what proof do they have? One in every one hundred cases sees success and often times it is because those people committed to rigorous diet and exercise plans. If you want results that work, you NEED to try Smartlipo:

Dangers of Diet Pills

  • Did you know that dietary supplements do not need FDA approval before hitting the market? That tells you all you need to know!
  • The main ingredient in diet pills is stimulants that can raise your heart rate and increase risk for heart attack or stroke.
  • Diet pills contain amphetamines and anti-anxiety medications that can become addictive.
  • False claims are all over their labels. Rare cases see those kind of results.
  • You become reliant on the pills and you don’t alter your actual diet enough to acieve the results you desire.

Benefits of Smartlipo

Smartlipo is a permanent solution to weight loss that is minimally invasive and supervised by professionals with your best interest at heart. The targeted approach allows us to limit scarring and cut down the recovery time needed to achieve the body of your dreams. Smartlipo is becoming extremely popular as more and more success stories come pouring out and we would love to sit you down for a consultation today.

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, our team of licensed surgeons specialize in Smartlipo and we have helped thousands of people in the NYC and Long Island areas. Both men and women undergo Smartlipo procedures and we are seeing tremendous results.

To schedule a consultation, call 212-344-0496 or book an appointment on our website!   


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