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How Sleeping Habits Are Causing You to Gain Weight


October 11, 2017

When they talk about beauty rest, they aren’t kidding! Losing out on much needed sleep can cause weight gain, breakouts and energy deficiencies that will impact your workouts. Make sure you get some beauty sleep tonight to avoid these fates:

The Stats

  • People who scored about 5.9 hours of sleep a night had an average waist circumference of 37.4 inches and an average BMI of 28.6
  • People that averaged 8.4 hours a night had an average waist circumference of 35.8 inches and an average BMI of 27.1.
  • The interesting find was that the people who got less sleep did NOT necessarily have a worse diet.

The Why

  • If they don’t have a worse diet, than why are they traditionally heavier? That is the question that these scientists had to find out.
  • They concluded that people who get less sleep tend to have a slower metabolism which decreases their desire to workout and convert food to energy.
  • For women who don’t sleep well, the results were even more drastic because they already have a slower metabolism than men.
  • The obvious conclusion they came to was that people who don’t sleep are also awake longer, which means more time to snack!

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we help people achieve the body of their dreams. Getting enough sleep is very important and a healthy lifestyle is crucial after a cosmetic procedure. Let’s get you in for a consultation now so that bod doesn’t have to wait any longer.

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