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How to Build the Confidence to Achieve My Dreams


March 6, 2018

If you’ve ever known people that seem to be at the top of their game, they most likely have one thing in common: they radiate confidence. Maybe they’re wrong from time to time, but they never stop believing in themselves and in their capacity to achieve greatness.

Most of us are not like that, but we should be if we plan to achieve our lifelong goals. Fortunately, it’s not hard to create a confident persona that not only convinces others of your abilities, but yourself too.

#1: Spend an Extra 10 Minutes Getting Ready

If you want other people to believe that you’ve got it all, you have to believe in your own worth, which means taking time to improve the way you present yourself. Buy nice (but not necessarily expensive) clothes. What’s most important about your wardrobe is how it makes you feel—do you feel confident in that shirt? Does that dress make you feel like conquering the world?

Spend an extra ten minutes choosing your outfit, and we promise that you’ll walk out the front door with an extra boost of self-assurance. Eventually, the way you present yourself to others will be the way you begin to see yourself.

#2: KNOW What You Want (Even If You Don’t Know)

Confidence isn’t just about who you are—it’s about having conviction in who you want to be. When people have high goals and expectations for themselves, they naturally become confident in their day-to-day actions—because they have to get things done! Set high expectations for yourself, be decisive, and you’ll exude confidence naturally.

Just know: there’s a difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness. Aggressive people bully others into bending to their will, while assertive people have a very specific goal and value system in their mind, and live by it. Part of this assertiveness is also knowing when to say no.

#3: Find Your Guide

There’s nothing wrong with seeking out a mentor to help you understand yourself and your path forward. Many of us fly by the seat of our pants, hoping that we’ll eventually get to where we need to go. The truth is, we all need help at various points in time, and a mentor that we trust can not only help us find our way, but can also help you see where you truly stand.

Confidence is more than just a feel-good emotion; confident people feel capable to go after new challenges and stretch themselves, while those who doubt their own abilities spiral downward into a repetitive cycle of mediocrity. People who are confident also feel in charge of their environment (instead of the other way around) and aren’t deterred when obstacles are thrown in their path. In order to be successful, you’ll have to believe that you’re capable of success.

After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


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