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Small Ways We Can Change the Way We Feel About Ourselves


March 2, 2018

While cosmetic surgery is a wonderful and life-changing gift, every person has the power to better their lives. Just by making a few changes, we can exude confidence, attract people to ourselves, and earn the respect of those around us—without major lifestyle changes.

The following micro-actions can help us to re-envision our self-concept and boost our self-confidence.

Changing Self-Confidence Begins with Our Thinking

No matter how depressing our disappointing our present picture of ourselves, it can only change through the power of our thoughts. Until we believe we are smart, funny, capable, or any number of positive things, it’s completely impossible. Fortunately, affirmations can help us to cement such thoughts into our minds.

An affirmation is a positive attribute or thought that we can repeat to ourselves to reinforce its truth.

Some examples of affirmations include:

  • ”I have all the knowledge and skill needed to excel in my chosen profession.”
  • ”I am a good conversationalist; others genuinely enjoy spending time with me.”
  • ”I am feeling more fit and energized with every mile.”

But It Doesn’t End There

In order to feel better about ourselves, we must do more than think more positively; we must use our thoughts to fuel positive change in our lives. If we think about it a bit, many of the disappointments we have about ourselves are related to the quality of our day-to-day life. Life can be improved everyday through higher quality nutrition, exercise, and service to others.

While nutrition and exercise enhance physical energy and mood, helping others has many positive benefits.

Whether it’s a “random act of kindness” or an organized event, volunteering provides:

  • An outlet for creative thinking and abilities
  • A sense of accomplishment, and
  • The opportunity to bond with other helpers.

Remember, we don’t need to wait to win the lottery, a promotion, or anything else to feel better about ourselves. An improved outlook and everyday life can be ours if we take the time to believe positive truths, and take action that align with them. Affirmations, healthy habits, and helping others are small steps but they can be the start of a beautifully transformed sense of self-worth.


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